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Nero replacement


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

Now that my Nero 5.5 program has calfed on me (will not recognize my drives, no matter what). I would like to find a suitable replacement. I guess I could Windows Media player to music CD's from my mp3 collection. But I am looking for something that can create a bootable image from scratch, then burn a cd with it. Freeware would be great, but a couple of buck into it wouldn't hurt. Does alcohol120% do this?



Overclocked Like A Mother
No problem, Coathanger.

Will do, I do have both installed as of now.

At $102CAN, Nero is out of my league, simply because I will not pay for what I am never going to use, all the addons, BPimpDaddy21.

I just phoned my brother-in-law and asked him how much $$$ and how much installed room does the EasyCD/DVD Creator6 he just picked up this weekend. He said $98Can, and in the Add/Remove column, it takes up 760megs of room, more than the four prog OfficeXP he picked up last year.

CDBurnerXPProBeta: Free, 22megs installed
BurnAtOnce: Free, 2.7Mgs installed

Give a couple of days as I try to figure out BurnAtOnce. I am trying to slipstream my XPHome CD with SP1a.



I know Jamie the developer of Burn-at-Once ,, It is a nice prog. I just never really got into using it ..

I'm instatutiionalized to Nero 6.0 ... :)


I may actually be insane.
Once nero 6 came out nero hasn't (and never will) touch my computer ever again. Burnatonce does everything I need, and for free.. wooo :D


Noticed an update for media burning at windows update. Maybe that might help you with Nero. I use roxio 6 I luv it!


Originally posted by Leevoy
I use roxio 6 I luv it!
LMFAO !!!!! Man thanx for that I needed it - I can't believe someone would admit to using that crap lol - It can't do a tenth of what Nero can do.. The thing it does better than anything is make coasters lol ... Well good luck using the garbage, any experienced burner would deff not be using it lol

I'm just heckling dude - nothing to get raddled about,,

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