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Nero etc


The Analog Kid
Is it possible to have both Nero Express and regular Nero (or the the new one) installed at the same time, ergo, can I choose which one I would like to use to burn certain things? I might try it, but as of right now, I'm too lazy to do it. Anyone have any ideas or have tried this?
You should be able to install both and use them just fine, my friend has both EZCD and nero installed...god knows why...but they run fine together so 2 versions of nero should be fine.


Nero & Nero Lite

Tried to install both lite and reg nero won't work one or the other.


OSNN Addict
Yep, you can have both installed at the same time.

I had v5.5.8.0 installed, then I installed NeroExpress on top of that--> then only NeroExpress worked.

Then...reinstalled v5.5.8.0 over everything. after which I could choose which NERO to run (there are 2 different .exe after the reinstall--> just name one neroexpress and one nero.

ALSO.. you are SUPPOSED to be able to Go directly from NeroExpress to the normal Nero interface, but this option does not work on the neroexpress evaluation pgm. Mabe they are still working on getting the bugs aout.

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