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Nero Burning: Teach me!

I've made a defective cd (there's a technical term for this, isn't there?) while trying to backup my drivers, softwares (ie zonealarm, firefox, avp), songs, and movies using Nero. I simply inserted the blank cd and moved the folder where I have filed all the backup files in. It did burn, but I can't access the program in the cd. I'd like to back these up and use it after I format my computer.

Thank you
hrmm... i guess i'll give burnatone a try.

regarding nero, is wizard the only thing i have to follow... i think that's what i used. is it possible to put different type of files on the cd altogether? like songs, movies, programs, drivers all in one folder and move?

thanx for clarifying the term... hehe, frisby is funny... but the word i forgot is coaster... hehe...
You may have copied it treating the cd like a floppy. This only works with CDRW blanks and you have to have a program installed to be able to read it back. NERO offers you an option to load the playback program.

Assuming you used CDRW and just dragged and dropped the files, this is not the best way to make backups since you have to have the playback software up and running to restore the backups.

Use the NERO wizard and tell it you want to make a data CD. Just follow the prompts. You can use CDRW or CDR media. The written data will be readable on any computer then.

BTW Coaster has been the established "official name" for FU'd CD burns in the USA for at least 6 years. Frisbie??? Never heard it used. FAKER! They're too small for frisbees. Just the size of a nice coaster tho.


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In most cases if you do not finallize the cd you will not be able to access it, unless you use a cdr to view it. This I think is the prob a lot of people are having with it. also, making it a multisession will have some affect on it. go through the process again. Make sure you do not have multisession checked, and make sure you have finallize checked. Also burn it at a slower speed, my belief is that the slower the burn the better the outcome .. Good luck ..

Also Burnatonce has some bugs still in it .. Jamie is working on them as he gets time ..
Slower burn does not mean a better quality burn. Media compatibility is optimized in the drive's firmware. Usually this optimization is done for max speed of the media. Slower burning can actually lead to more errors.

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