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ok there are 2 seperate questions here

1. in nero the mose current version how do you make MP3 CD's??, it is a bought version (downloaded and paid for)

2. what is the best defrag program for windows XP?? i would like it for my laptop
No probs ;)

What do you mean by an MP3 CD?
If it's just a CD with .mp3 files you can create it just like any other data CD. Copy the .mp3 files and burn.
lol ok well an MP3 cd is where it is just mp3 files on the cd with a little funky auto run prog on it, you can have about 20 hours of music on one normal cd, it will alow you to do it through the nero express but i want to put data on it, so i am just going to make an image of waht i want and then burn it, i will get more info for an mp3 cd for you in a bit

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