Nero 7 Audio CD burning prob. skips


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Using Nero with update, even tried updating CD-R firmware. Whenever a Audio CD is burned from MP3 first I try to get rid of the 2 second delay which was normally fine in Nero 6. Then after burning and playing in a cd player it skips certain portions of the song and the 2 second delay is still there. I've tried it with 3 different types of media (TDK, Sony, 3M) on three different PC's. Any suggestions?


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About the only thing I can suggest is to back to version six. There are a number of issues with version seven.


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Johnny is right. Seven has some neat things but the audio skipping problem (which was supposed to be fixed in each of the point updates) ruins it. Go back to any of the 6.6.x.x releases.

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I had the same problem and thought it was the Staples media but now that this was mentioned I can say for sure it is. I also thought maybe it was my laptop CDRW so I tried my desktop with the same media, same problem. They both had Nero 7 which is probably the culprit, I'm just glad it's not my laptop's CDRW even tho it's under an extended warrenty.

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Some have fixed this problem by replacing the mp3PRO.dll located in Driveletter:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins with an earlier version (LINK) while others have fixed it by getting the Lame MP3 Encoder PowerPack from Nero which is free for registered users.


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Does Nero plan on releasing a fix that will make version 7 stable?

What is the most recent stable version of 6?

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