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NERO 6 problem

This burning software drives me nuts. Ok, when I go to add additonal software onto a CD-R that already has some software programs burned on it it doesn't indicate there is anything on the CD (and there is) After I burn the added software my previous software I had on the CD is gone. I swear it isn't a CD-RW! What am I doing wrong here. I think I've finally cracked. I'm using start NeroStartSmart.

Jason Roberts

If you are using CD-R, you never lose anything already burnt to it. What you did was hide the old session which had your other programs when you burn your new programs to your CD. I did something that assisted me in viewing my old stuff off an old CD burnt some years ago. And I could see about two sessions hidden. I am not sure how I did it. Let's wait how other people have to say. ;)


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
This happens when a CD is finalized or there's insufficient space to add more. If you have two drives e.g. another DVD drive and you place the CD-R in it, you should be able to read the old files and transfer them onto the hard drive. Add the file to this and write on another CD-R.


I've also had a nero 6 related problem.... it's telling me that my cds don't have enough room when they definately do (burning 200mb to a 700mb cd)... but it displays that they are indeed 700mb disks.
2 problems here. As $triker said there is plenty of room to add more MB.. I'm only using about 10MB on a 700MB disk. I just want to have a disk with untilities and small maintenance programs on it. My question is why isn't NERO 6 reading that I have previous programs on it when I load it up. The graph at the bottom shows nothing. It has no options in the NERO startsmart to Add additonal software to disk that already has programs on it. Or does it? And where are my previous programs after I burn additonal software to the disk. Its got to be on the disk somewhere but I can't find it. This is what is frustrating with Nero 6 for me.


Napalmnthemorni- man I wish I could pop my NERO 6 opena nd help ya out - but I am still on NERO 5 and will probably stay there - that said - there has got to be some correlation between 5 & 6.

What you need to burn is called a multisession disk and within in NERO Help there should be a writeup that tells you how to make a multisession disk (with unrelatd files).

Now when I first open my NERO 5 - I get the multiseesion screen and have the option to select new, continue multisession or close that screen. If I pop a previously burned multisession disk into the drive NERO, select continue, and new (I think), the drive will spin up and eventually a screen will come up that displays what is on the cd and I click OK (to select to add to that disk) and it comes up with a burn ISO showing what is on the disk and than it's juts a drag and drop to add to it!

NERO 6 I can't imagine being that different - but you have got to select multisession before burning anything at all to a new cd (so that the cd does not get finalized - as previously stated) and also select "contiune multisession" - and insert the disk and wait for it to spin up and be read!

I hope this is of some help to you - and I hope I didn't skip anything as I am doing it from memory. I know it works fine in NERO 5 as this is how I do straight backups of my files (which I add new files to) and also the incremental backups of things like my address book, emails.
we'll I threw in a disk this afternoon and clicked on the make a data disk option in expert mode. I did get the option for multisession and I did see the software from previous burn. YES! I'm sort of missing NERO 5 ! Thanks damnyank

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