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Ok, here's the deal. Running all the newest updates for windows, but my issue goes back to about 2 years ago... My compy shuts off. Well, not exactly, it freezes with the monitor stuck on a black screen, not off, but black. Any sounds that were going on at the moment of shut down get put on a constant repeat until rebooted. My lcd screen on my case says that the hardrive is no longer spinning. What i have is Athlon xp 1900, 120gb hd, 80gb hd, 756mb ram, GeForce 6800 GT, and 500w power supply. I know it's old and will be replaced next week, but still I wouldn't mind having it work right. I upgraded the Powersupply from 350w to 500w thinking it was the video card not getting enough juice. No difference. I added the 80gb HD and ran with that alone for a while and still nothing different. I don't know what to do with this bastard... My monitor says it's at H: 48.6KHz V: 60.3Hz. Refresh rate is 60hz. Resolution is 1024x768. The only time this happens is when I play games. Nothing else. And it only happens during World of Warcraft, Warcraft 3's, Tron 2.0, and if I recall Halflife 2*but not certain*. ANY tips would be great.
Like I said, I'm cpu short of a new compy so this is just the back up. Athlon 64 3700, DFI Lan Party MB, 1 gb ram, 2 80gb hd's, and another 6800 gt.


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you could try getting all the latest drivers for the mobo chipset and see if that helps.


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Nope, no good. Didn't work. Thought I was alright then in the middle of WoW, I get a crash. I contacted the mb support people through email, but we all know how that works. So it depends on whether I get a response or not. I did get the newest drivers though. Any other ideas?


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nope, ram is good, I've checked them out in a buddies machine, and all was well. Nothing is overclocked either. Like I said I'm stuck in a rut. We thought it was the cooling fan for the cpu as well. I bought a thermal cool master cooler to try to remedy the situation. My cpu temp is 82' F, HD temp 80' F, and my video card is 79' F. When in game and such high end now for the cpu is 98' F to 102' F. All else is not much higher than usual. I've looked it up and that's not bad at all.


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I think this sounds more like a software issue frankly. I'm a fan of Dr. Watson, it's a Windows utility, see if you can't find more out about the error itself.

When this happens can you just power off and power back on? If you can reboot with no errors that fast it's most likely not your RAM, if you have to wait before it will turn back on, or this always seems to happen after a set time of operation you might want to look into Doc Memory, I would suggest reading up on it - it can be hard on RAM if used improperly. If you want to look into it this will get you started.

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