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Need Video Card benching help, XP

I've got an ATI, 128 MB, Radeon 9500PRO card in my system and I am not sure that it is running at full capacity. I've heard about 3d bench marking utilities that you can download though I don't know much about them.

Can anyone make a recommendation for a benchmarking program that will tell me if my Vid card is running to it's capacity. Also, hopefully a program where I can interpret the results of any "test" I run through such a program.

I've heard about GL Excess (?) but I don't know much about it or what it does.

www.madonion.com They have 2 benchmarks:

3dMark 2001 ver 330 This is a DX8 based test I'm in the 10-11K range. Ignore the guys up at 14000, they have hacked their cards to look like a 9700 and overclocked them.


3dmark 2003 This is a DX9 based test, much lower scores are normal. Mine were 2800 with 3.3 catalyst driver the 3.4 driver (now available at ati site) bumped it to 3500.

The real test is how smooth your games run and how good they look. Benchmarks are artifiial tests and the vid card companies modify their drivers to look good on the benchmarks. So much so that madonion is really pissed at Nvidia over some tweked drivers...


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that page there contains links to some nice benchmarking tools... I linked to there since there is already a descriton of the benchmark itself...

it you have unreal tournament 2003 you will automatically have a benchmarking tool that is built in...


^^^ codecreatures benchmark...


vulpineGL mark... for openGL speed testing..

note... the last two links provided are off of a german website with links to 3d benchmarking tools and may be in german :(

once you have benchmarked... we have a few threads here already for you to compare your benchmark scores...


for 3dmark2001...


for 3dmark03 scores...

3dmark2001SE mainly a dx8 benchmark...

3dmark03 is mainly a dx9 benchmark...


happy benching...

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