Need to format my win98

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by phishhead, Jan 14, 2002.

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    here is the back ground...have win98 on 2gig c: partition...have xp on d:\ 10 gig partition...have downloads and music on e:\3gig partition...have d:\ ntfs other 2 are fat32...I use the win98 for my kids games and uncompatible software that won't work on xp...anyway this is the situtation...f$%cked up my win98 c:\ what will I have to do if I format and reinstall 98...i know when you duel boot you always load the oldest os first...then the next...well what will happen if xp can't see it I know there are files on c:\ for the ntloader to duel boot...this is what I'm thinking reformat load win89 on c:\ then boot to xp with cd and repair the boot.ini with the bootcfg cmd...will this work or does anyon have any suggestions...I don't want to use boot magic have my boot up of xp to 24 secs don't need another screen just to pick what os I want...
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