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need to format...how should i save all my settings and everything???

i didn't knw where else i should put this
but anyways..u can move it if need be

now my prob is tha imma b reformatin in a lil bit
maybe this weekend..
and i'd like to knw if theres a way i could save all the tweaks and everthing else i have changed on my computer...????

any help would b appriciated
i dont want to go through the pain of doing it all over again :mad:


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save all the files 2 c.d.
y are u formatin?, if just for the hell of it make a "ghost" of ur harddrive


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I suggest getting a program that will create a 'drive image'. The program will store EVERYTHING on your harddrive, into one file. Then all you have to do is rerun that file, and you have all your settings back. It's kinda like an ISO.
A good program that does that is Drive Image :)


Drive Image creates an exact copy of what he's got now (an "image"). So if he's in a postion where he needs to reformat now, then he'll have exactly the same problem if he restores an image.

If you are going to reformat and reinstall, then you are going to start with a brand new registsry. So yes, of course you'll have to recreate all your tweaks.
Hahaha Henyman that picture of "you" looks funny! Well I have never created a CD image before so this section was not a waste of time as one of the posters said. Helpful people. :)


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gd, + now for the hijack of the thread.....

why the f**king hell isn't my msn status link workin?:( it woz fine b4, but now.....:confused:


Originally posted by henyman
hmm yes........do as i siad.....

make a "ghost"
Please tell me you are smarter than this. If he is formatting because he is having problems then a ghost image does him no good. If he loads that ghost image then he has the same problems as he would before the format.


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i personally never make a ghost, but every 1 else seems' 2 use it so i only offer advice based on what i have seen + heard...

legal note:rolleyes:

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