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Need Sony Walkman help!


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Hi guys,

My girlfriend wants a small mp3 player for the gym. Ideally a girly colour, around 2GB and light. She likes the Sony ones, but I've found 3 almost idential spec models that are all different prices, even at the same place.

I found all these on Play.com:

1) http://www.play.com/Electronics/Ele...-E015PC-2GB-Flash-Memory-Walkman/Product.html

2) http://www.play.com/Electronics/Ele...sh-Memory-Walkman-2GB-MP3-Player/Product.html

3) http://www.play.com/Electronics/Ele...y-NWS-705-Walkman-2GB-MP3-Player/Product.html

What's the difference between these? The top one looks like it has the best screen yet is the cheapest RRP?

If there's anything else you guys can recommend that would be great. Also, she uses WMP not itunes so please bear that in mind. Reps for anyone who can help :)


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Tough choice out of those to be honest. However, the 005 model is very old and holds about 28hours battery life (playback) I think whereas the newer 705 holds up to 50hrs.

What I've realised about the sony personal audio products is that it requires their own software (sonic stage or whatever it's called) which is a bit annoying. I guess that's the same with Samsung and Apple as well with their Napster and iTunes.


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Yes the 705 definitely looks the best of the bunch but is it worth jumping from £50 to £85?

I think the top one (E015) looks the least good - can I at least eliminate that one? It looks quite old compared to the other two and has a suspiciously low RRP.

Perris Calderon

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not sure you want to hear other options but for two gigs of music if she has a newer phone she can use most of them for music, especially if it uses a storage card

you can even get her a phone that does do music for free with a service extension

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