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Need some advice with Motherboard..

Ok,this is what I'm going to try and put together and this what I have..

1)Intel P4- 3.2E
2)Memory -1Gx2 Corsair Twinx2048-3200 184
3)HD- Seagate 300g SATA
4)Vidio card-eVGA 6600GT-128mg
5)Sound card-Creative/X-FI XTREME
6)Case-New Dell XPS Gen-3 with 460 watt power supply

Now I have a Intel D875PBZ board,but it won't support the 3.2E it will only support up to 3.0 So now I would like some advice from the good people here..:)
No it just something I would like to try and put together,the case in empty and the parts that I have are all new..The case I purchase is new as never used, with the fans & shrouds,and cables I know when Dell made the same case 2003 it came with Intel D875PBZ board,and mine is new the box, but it won't support the new P4 3.2E that I have...and thanks for your help Sazar
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