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Need Serious Help with Xp Problems..



Hello, im new here and made the account just to ask for help from the pros here. My situation:

Well my sister did something to the computer using Win Xp Prof..I told her to go safe mode and try reinstalling Xp again..she did and during installation it just stop with errors..at the 39min point. I am wondering is there a way to stop the installation? Everytime I try to boot up no matter in normal or safe mode, it keep trying to install with no avail. Booting up in safe mode causes the computer to shutdown/restart because xp setup can't be performed in safe mode. I tried everything and now lost on what to do. Please any help is appreciated. Worst case scenerio replace the HD and loses all file. :eek: :(


these are some errors:

Setup had problems registering the following OLE control DLL:

The signature for Windows Xp Professional upgrade is invalid. The error code is 426.
I agree with koko. You'll get the job done faster than trying to fix a fubar'd installation. I spent 5 days trying to get my dad's computer working. I finally wiped it and had the thing going in two hours with a new installation. It's faster, too, since all the junk was wiped out.

Now, get to work.


even if i want to reformat I have or know no way of doing it. Everytime it boot up it revert to the Window XP installation screen. I have no control there. HELP!


If you have XP on CD...and its bootable ....then just set your bio's to boot from CD...and then put the cd in...and start up...then go thru the install process.....forget about safemode...if you dont have a bootable XP Cd...then you will need the 4 floppy boot disk to install XP....they are available at Microsoft for free download...search for them


OMG its impossible. I have tried to many time to boot from startup using WIN XP Prof..but it kept on resuming xp installation and getting errors. I can't seen to get around it. Now i want to reformat the damn thing but can't even do that. Damnit Microsoft shoulda put in a self-destruct command!:eek: Everything god damn time it resumes setup.


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Just wondering if you have or can get a hold of a Win 98 boot disk. If so you can go into fdisk and delete the partition the XP is on, then put the XP CD in and reinstall.


Microsoft has released the long awaited Windows XP Boot Disk. The Windows XP startup disk allows computers without a bootable CD-ROM to perform a new installation of the operating system. The Windows XP startup disk will automatically load the correct drivers to gain access to the CD-ROM drive and start a new installation of Setup. You cannot upgrade from a Windows XP startup disk. Here is the Link to get them


make the 4 boot disk...then put in Disk1 then when asked 2 and so on...then reinstall XP
I definitely second that 98 boot disk. Those things come in more handy than you think. Boot up without cd drivers, and at the command prompt you can just do a format C: or you can run fdisk to mess with the partitions. If that doesn't work, hook up your hard drive as a second drive in a computer that's already working and format it from within windows, then stick it back in your first computer.


Yip ... Fdisking is about the only way to fix it - You will have to create another partition, then put the XP disk and let it format it to what you want as far as fat32 or NTFS ... and don't let your sister mess with the PC again ..

If you don't have a 98 Boot Disk got to www.bootdisk.com and get one ..

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