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Need Recommendations



I need some recomendations on these items:

1. Printer
I would like it to be a color laser and be a 3in1 with network capabilities. Or a good inkjet 3in1 with network capabilities. I want it to print, scan, and copy. It is going to be getting a fair amount of use, so I have to determine if laser is the best way to go and if it is the cheapest in the long term. (I don't know if anyone has compared how much a laser goes through ink compared to an inkjet printer?)

2. Keyboard
No specifics, but I would like a nice new one.

3. Mouse
I need a new mouse, and I would like it to be optical, but other than that it does not matter. What are your favorites.
You can take any printer and put it on a print server on your network for about $50, which is far cheaper than finding a printer with an ethernet connection. Canon and HP 3 in 1's are the best out there right now, and you can get a good one for $200.

I am using a Brother b/w laser and an Epson photo printer for anything color and I really like the setup. Monochrome laser is the way to go if you're printing a lot of text. For my printer, with a high density toner cartridge, it's about $.02 per page to print, and you get an estimated 6000 pages of plain text.


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1 . Printer - I'll go with an economical printer .. I'm a Lexmark Z65 owner and I recognize that does the job correcly .

2 . Keyboard .. u must decide if Logitech must be the leader in front of Microsoft . I've thought a kit would be perfect .


As for a printer, go with the Epson CX5200 All-In-One, around $140.00. Good speed, quality, individual ink cartridges. It does scanning, copying and printing of course.

Keyboard, either Logitech or Microsoft would be fine. I use a Microsoft Natural, and I love it.

Mouse, same as above, unless you want really good, then go for the Logitech MX700!!!


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For keyboards, I recommend Microsoft Multimedia, it's cheap and I'm loving mine!
For mice, even though I like Microsoft, I need cheap mice, so I buy A4Tech. :)


Keyboard and mouse package: Logitech corldess mx elite duo, for sure. I have a logitech mx 700 and it is by far the greatest mouse known to man. Gotta love those rechargable batteries, really cuts down on the cost of a wireless mouse. As per the keyboard, if you can find a keyboard to go with an mx 700 that would be cheaper than getting the mx duo package, go for it. I'm just using a generic black usb keyboard

Printer: Brother makes a very nice and very cheap color laser, as does okidata, and hp just released a new cheap color laser. They are all networkable AFAIK, but you could buy a cheap printserver from linksys et. al. Cost of laser vs. inkjet is sooooooo skewed. Laser costs a huge amount less per page. Inkjet ends up costing you several printers' worth of ink in the long run.


Is there such a thing as a Color Laser that has a copy machine, scanner and printer built in?

I really need a "Copy machine" I get tired of scanning it in to my computer and then printing it out. Very time consuming....


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No such thing exists. Color lasers are also REALLY expensive, and the consumables will also drive you into massive debt.

You can get good qualitry inkjets that produce really good printouts. I would recommend the hp officejet line of multifunction devices.

An officejet 6100 series would probably be best for you: http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/us/en/sm/WF05a/18972-238444-236260-12019-236260-79476.html

As for keyboard and mouse, i like the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer for my mouse, though i just use generic keyboards, plain old standard 101-key board (none of those hotkeys and crap).



I was not planning to scan through an ethernet. I might just get a better scanner. The way I figure it if I am only getting out of one black ink cartarge currently is 800 pages at $30 a carterage. one of the laser toners that prints 5000 pages is only $70 I think it is a good deal at least in black ink. From what I have seen is that color is comproble. HP has a color laser that is just about $600, and I think if I keep it for 4-5 years, It will pay itself off with all the printing I do...


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According to hp's site, their cheapest color laser printer ($799), black toner is $89, color toner (one for each color, Cyan Yello Magenta) are $99 per color and last 4000 pages (based on a really conservative color usage). Its a lot more expensive then you think.



Would it be better if I got a printer that used a tri ink cartridge or one that used individual cartridges for color.


you should get one with individual cartridges then you can change the color that is out and dont have to change all if one is out, much cheaper.

Has anyone any experiens with the MS desktop bluetoth, or something?

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