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Need networking help, noob xtreme



Hello all, real quick heres my problem (besides the fact I know nothing about networking.

I used to network my XP machines through Firewire which was plug and play simple. I need to know how to do it through my network cards and a switch.

Ok, ive got NICs in both puters and they are both connected to a Linksys 5 port workgroup switch, which is hooked up to a cable modem. How do I get them to see eachother (through the switch preferably so I can use the 100Mbps)so I can swap files? Someone told me about adding a guest account but Ive never been able to get it to work. Can someone give me a walkthrough on this? Thanks!
Control panel > Network Connections > Set up a home or small office network.


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newp, that DOES NOT work. Not counting the 20 times ive tried it before, I just tried it 2 more times and other than setting up internet connect sharing, the computers WONT see eachother. That works great when I have the firewire strung between systems but with both puters hooked to the switch (not a hub or router) they will not see each other. Am I missing something?
The thing I'm wondering about is where do the computers get their IP? Are they staticly set by you or automatically obtained from your ISP? Most ISP:s will only give you one IP, but you need two. Does your ISP provide two. And if so, are they in the same C-class network (only last number in IP different)?


firewall is disabled, and all this thing wants to do is internet connect share which I DONT want, I have both puters jacked into the switch and purchased an extra IP for my 2nd puter so I can run a UT2K3 server


ok, the only way that setup will work like that is if your ISP gives you multiple IP addresses which usually does not happen w/o you paying for more. Here's what you need to do and exactly what I have currently working:

First of all, you don't need to use the switch, but you can, either way it will work, the only difference is the cabling.

Your host computer (the one that will either be turned on the most or you will be online the most) needs to have 2 NIC's in it.

The first NIC will be used for your internet connection. Plug this directly into your cable modem. Make sure you know which card this is, as you will need to choose it as your internet connection when you run the networking wizard.

The 2nd NIC in the host maching will A. run to your switch, or B. run to the other computer. I will assume that you are going to go to the switch since that is what you have and also what I use.

You will need TWISTED PAIR cabling going from your computers to the linksys switch. Read more about cablinghere

Now, turn on both computer when this is all hooked up this way. On your HOST machine run the home networking wizard. Select your first network card as your broadband connection and your other network card as the connection to your home network. If you feel confident in XP you can let windows choose your network connections... :) I don't recommend this though as it usually does odd things.

when that is done, click finish without making any disks or anything. That computer should now be able to access the internet

now, go back into network connections, right click the 2nd network card (the one connected to the switch), and select properties. select Internet Protocol (tcp/ip) and hit properties.

Click "use the following IP address" and enter and for subnet mask use select ok and ok again

Now, start>settings>control panel>network connections

Select the network card that is connected to the cable modem , right click and select properties.

Select the advanced tab, uncheck internet connection firewall.
Under the "internet connection sharing", make sure both boxes are checked.

Now, goto your 2nd machine, start>settings>control panel>network connections.

right click on the local area connection icon and select properties.
Click on Internet Protocol (tcp/ip) and select properties.

Click "use the following IP address" and enter and for subnet mask use

what setting the IP address's to 192.168.0.x does is puts them both on the same network allowing them to see each other. this MUST be done to share files and your internet connections)
now reset both machines.

when both machines are completely started and logged into windows, run the home networking wizard on your 2nd machine.

The first thing you will need to choose is your internet connection. It should automatically choose your shared connection if you have everything done right. click next. it will ask you for your connection to your network. again, if you trust XP to choose, then select next again. other wise select "I will choose my connection to the network" and click next. now select the Local area connection and click next until it says computer name and workgroup.


now, finish running the wizard. when it is done, both machines, in theory, should be connected to each other and both should be able to use the internet. if not, post your problem here and i will try to help best i can. also, make sure you check out the sticky thread above and looking through the help pages it links to, they are very helpful. good luck

Oh yea, if you do have problems, the first thing to check is your hardware, make sure all NIC's are in the PCI slot all the way, your cables are plugged in all the way, etc. i spend 8 hrs one day figuring out why my comps couldnt ping each other and all i had to do was push the NIC in all the way :(


blah, while i was writing that you posted you had 2 IP's, which should work as long as you have you modem in the uplink on the switch and both comps plugged into the switch.


Jeremy, thanks for the novel!! Sorry ya didnt get my response in time.

Ok, the coax cable comes in through the wall, then to the cable modem, and the cable modem jack into the switch and both puters jack into the switch as well. I purchased 2 IPS quite some time ago and both computers have unique IPs. Everyone tells me they should see eachother but they dont. Ive tried all different settings in "create a home or small offcie network" in WinXP.

Heres my info:
Main Puter:
IP: 12.248.xx.xx
Subnet Mask:
Default gateway:

IP: 12.248.250.xxx
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

Ive had 10 people tell me "they should just see eachother" but they never have, which is why I bought firewire cards for them, after installing firewire, I just plugged them into eachother, ran the setup network wizard and they worked great. Id like to get away from the finicky firewire setup if possible.


i guess i would just make sure that you do not have XP's built in firewall turned on and that you have shared your HD's (right click on HD>properties select sharing). i used to use that same setup (2 IPs and a linksys switch) and both of my computers could see each other and share files just fine w/o doing anything special...



XP Hides all networked systems unless you've enabled file sharing on your HDD's or just on a folder in your HDD.
Also, being in the same workgroup/domain is required.

To see if they're working just use the run command.
type: Ping (other computers ip addy)

example: c:\>Ping

Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=128

Ping Statistics BLA BLA BLA...

If instead you get:

Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.

Then you have a hardware issue.
Can you get on the internet with both machines?
If not then you DEFINATLY have a Hardware issue.
Those computers are on completely different networks, even the subnet mask is different. Sharing may be tricky. Pinging should work but won't tell you much. I suggest you do a trace:
tracert 12.248.250.xxx
If there are any hops between the first computer and 12.248.250.xxx there will be problems.
Firstly: Sharing will be harder since all traffic is routed. And no 100Mbit.
Secondly: Sharing will be very dangerous! Your shares will be exposed to the Internet and makes your computers very vulerable. This is still the case now btw since you don't have a firewall blocking the shares.


Add NWLink Netbios/IPX protocols to both PCs and reboot the computers, they will see each other then; Lemme know if this helps!


P.S. - If you dont know how to add those protocols you just go to the properties of the connection ---> add --> protocols --> netbios --> ok ---> restart

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