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Need more Chill-out music!!!!



Ok folks...I need help.

I just discovered Chill-out music and I need similar down tempo music. Not to much drums, but something to relax and chill after a hard day at work. If you can give a good compelation cd that would be great also. I can always search for the artist cd later.

Here is a list of artists or music compelations I have.... If anyone has ideas just put them down. Thanks!!!


Dreams Come True
Kid Loco
Norah Jones
Pink Floyd
Saint Etienne

Compelation Series

Cafe Del Mar
Chillout Sessions
OM Lounge
Paris Lounge

I know some might not fit the bill but I think are pretty close to the style of music that I like. :)

Electronic Punk

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ok, here is my list... ;)

Dirge - Death In Vegas
Air - Playground Love
Bjork - All Is Full Of Love
Blur - Coffee and TV
Cornershop - Sleep On The Left Side
George Harrison - Cheer Down
Groove Armada - Sand Dunes
I Monster - Daydream In Blue
Les Rhythmes Digitales - Sometimes
Rob D - Clubbed To Death
Rob D - Clubbed To Death II
Rod D - Furious Angels
Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground (Nellee Hooper Remix)
Cypress Hill - Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up
The Avalanches - Frontier Pyschiatrist
U2 vs Daft Punk - Without Da Funk

Recommend most of those, tho George Harrison many not be to your tastes... like to chillout with Cypress Hill & The Prodigy... but then I do listen to some very heavy and loud music most of the time. You might not be able to find the U2 vs Daft Punk tune as it was a vinyl wite label, worth a look tho as it is fantastic..

Cafe Del Mar ... wasn't that a tune by Energy52? The bar itself is no longer secluded and has the likes of Cafe Mambo with locals selling crack between the two bars, what a holiday location.

Rob D was from the Matrix and the avalanches are nuts. There are others but I can't remember them :(


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Pink Floyd - The Final Cut
Roger Waters - Radio Kaos
Jean Michelle Jarre
Yazoo - Upstairs At Eric's
Tracy Chapman
Robert Miles
Phil Collins
Massive Attack
The Orb
Leftfield - Leftism
Chemical Brothers - Exit Planet Dust
Chris De Burgh - Spanish Train & Other Stories
Fleetwood Mac


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