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Need Help

i am currently working to solve this problem

Let points A, B, C, D and E occur in that order on a circle.
Form a pentagram by drawing the chords AC, CE, EB, BD, and DA.
There are five "tip triangles" in this figure (for instance, one
tip triangle has as vertices B and the two points of intersection
of the chord AC with the chords BD and EB). Prove that the
pentagram is regular (i.e., the points A, B, C, D and E are the
vertices of a regular pentagon) if and only if the five tip
triangles have the same area.

in a pentagon what do the angles add up to?..
also if you know of a way to solve this could you share the solution that you have or have come up with please?..thanks for all your help guys
don't know my conclusion:
the vertices give you the mid-point
the angle between AC=the angle btween CE..etc

if EB=BD then D=E ( divide by B)

I hate math

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