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need help with hardware problem, please



I am new to the forum, and want to say I appreciate it. I have a problem(s) with my rig, and was hoping to get some answers...

Ok.. I am runnind the XP 2000+, 1024 megs DDR 2100 Kingston,
ATI Radeon 8500le, Thermaltake 7+, Asus A7V266-E Mobo, Audigy
Platnium Gamer sound, new Truepower 420 watt power supply,
NIC, 2.0 usb card, creative DVD, 32X, 12X, 40 Lite-on CDRW, running XP Pro....

Here's the problem.... I had been running the aove on a 300 watt power supply, and a smaller cpu fan. I had been having random problems, such as games crashing back to desktop, sudden reboots, and a couple blue screens of death..... Havingmonitored the forum here for a couple weeks, I decided I was probably running too hot and didn't have enough power. I also decided I was going to format and reinstall XP Pro at the same time I upgradaed the PSU and CPU fan. I did this, and everything installed wihout a hitch, got a good post, but following the initial file transfer run during XP install, I got blue screen of death error... STOP; 0X0000008E, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.....
I took the suggestion to disable cache in BIOS...did so, and got the setup going at a smails pace. I did this three times and setup almost concluded once but froze just following device install prior to conclusion.
Sorr for the length of this post, but here's what else I have tried.... different video card, ram trouble shooting has resulted in three different blue screens, one IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, and two different versions of the 0X0000008E above.....

Any help will be most appreciated.......
Thanks much

Shamus MacNoob

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This error is a driver error for sure , you need to update your drivers I got this error on my sound card and after finding the right drivers never saw it again

Shamus MacNoob

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strip it down

Try to unload all your cards, and install on the basic minium just your cd-rom and basic hard-drive forget the sound card the network card the usb card , try to get your xp installed on a barebone setup, then add one piece at a time, try to get on the net and find the drivers for all your stuff and you might find the one that is acting up.


Thanks for the replies.... I will try the trouble shooting technique you suggested. What really throws me off, though, is that there are no drivers yet installed on a cleanly formatted drive, and I am getting these problems during XP install. However, I will do the bare minimum part thing you suggested right now, thatis a great idea.... Thanks very much....


F@H - Is it in you?
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well the lovely and annoying thing about winxp is it loads its own drivers for some hardware... and they sometimes don't really match up with the product you have...


I always trouble shoot by process of elimination and recommend it highly... and thats what kermit recommends... in a way :)

go with it.. no harm...

g.luck mate...


I stripped it down to just the bare minimum, and I tried to reinstall XP, got three different errors on three seperate attempts:
Begin Dump of PhysicalMemory
Page_Fault_In_Non_Paged Area

I am going to try o reformat to completely clean everything off from the former attempts to install when I had everything attached.....is all I can think of to do next.
I appreciate the help that's been recommended. Anything further will be equallyappreciated....


reformat no help....Have used four different video cards, with nothing but HD and CD... I am braindead as well.......


Page_Fault_In_Non_Paged Area usually means bad memory. If not, try to rebuild your paging file by setting it to zero and bringing it back up.


F@H - Is it in you?
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hey you stole my avatar... you THIEF... give it back :(

I gonna tell on you...


hardware monkey
if you've tried installing off a fresh format and with a minimal set of hardware... then i would say it's a memory or motherboard issue. one or the other might be bad. }:\

but make sure the onboard audio, lan, and raid are disabled during installation, too... maye it's a driver conflict with one of those.


Thanks evreryone very much for all the help. I have tried all the avove to no avail, except the trying to set page file to 0 and bringing it back up, which I do not know how to do. I think I am going to clean my ram and slots and try a few other "desperate" measures. If anyone else has any ideas I'd appreciate it, but I figure it is probably the mobo because do two Kingston 512 DDRs go out at the same time that are less than a year old?

Just get Memtest-x86 to test you memory. If it says the RAM is bad, it is. Just download the files below and run "rawwritewin.exe". Select the .bin file to be written to an empty floppy and write it. The floppy will become unreadable by Windows (not permanent) but that's OK. Keep the floppy in the drive and reboot. Wait an hour or so. Check what it says.



Thanks, Zedric.... I believe we have the prob isolated. I let the test run over an hour, unattended....came back to find it locked 3 minutes and 33 seconds into the test. Not good. I am running the test again right now, but doutt it will make it. I appreciate the help very much.
My Kingston has a lifetime warranty, and if any problems with that I will use the Crucial link at the site here. Thanks again

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