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Need help with a switch electrical gurus!


The Voices Talk to Me
Ok here is the deal, I found a lighted SPST rocker switch that I really like and bought but then I realized that it is for 120VAC! GRRRR I need it for 12VDC, now the switch it's self works as a switch but it doesn't light up when turned on. Is there anyway I can get this switch to light up?
Just stating the obvious but can you get access to the led to change it for a 12v one or is it a sealed unit ?.

Otherwise i cannot think where or how your going to get enough juice to safely light it up.


The Voices Talk to Me
No it is a sealed unit. Someone on another forum sayed something like the bulb is probley a 3 volt and to use a resistor, but it didn't make any sense to me.

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