need help with 7NJS ZENITH


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hi all

i have a major problem:

i think it's the mainboard since all otehr components seem to work well

BTW i have a 7NJS Zenith board which ships with a 5 1/4 box called Cbox 2 which shows the POST codes on a display

well here it is:

during boot most of the time (~90+% that is) it either stops at POST C3, does a loop upto C3 and back (always reboots upto POST C3) or stops at POST 05

for clearity:

the manual says that:

POST C3 is "Expand compressed BIOS to DRAM"


POST 05 is " 3.)Blank out screen / 4.) clear CMOS error flag"

and even if a manage (that's the wrong word.. better: if i'm lucky enough) to boot the machine it shuts down all of a sudden after a nondefinite time (may be days, may be 10 mins... random)
and it's not the CPU since i checked that with MBM5

does anybody know what to do??..
i really need help on that since now it's only luck to get the machine to boot through

thank you



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ive got d same board as you, and the codes u get given are wrong, theres a reprinted version on the other zenith boards now, i had the same problem, for me it was that i didn reformat my comp, it cud be ur FSB try it on 133


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thank you.. I#m gonna try that

but now it doesn't boot at all al i get is a green LED from my case but nothing starts to run neother CPU nor Coolers etc.. but if it does I'm gonna try that

BTW did you also have problems with the CMI soundcard??



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maybe it could be power supply? if you got another maybe check that. if you psu is going it might not have the power during boot and would also cause random shutdowns/reboots.


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ive never used the onboard sound on it its disabled along with Nviidas lan, cos i dont like um, and if the fans dont start then it sounds more like a power prob


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thank you all.. I will check the Power supply again-. although i alraedy did once.. but well double check is better ;)

gonna post if sth or not happens

bye jonex

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