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Need help using Terminal Services in Application Server Mode......Please!!


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Like I said.....I am running in Application Server Mode. The client is a Windows 2000 Pro machine. I want to install applications ONLY on the server and be able to run them from the client machine.....instead of running them locally on the client. In other words.....install applications on the server and run them from the server. I have installed Office 2000 on the server using the instructions per Microsoft's website.....per Terminal Services Application Server Mode. My question is.....How do I actually run the applications from the server?. In other words, should shortcuts have been created to the Office programs when I logged onto the server?. I have been studying Networking in school, but they have neglected to cover Terminal Services. I would like to install applications like Office, my printer(which works fine already being connected to the server) and others. I am just not sure how they should be run from the client......Should shortcuts have been created?....Do I need to create them manually?. ANY help would be appreciated........Thx!!.
Silverado2000 you log onto the TS via your client and use the apps on the server just the same as if you were physically at the server station.

This is not to be confused with a application server which it sounds like you are doing!

You must logon to TS using the RDP client software and use the apps within the remote session.

Also be aware you need a clearing house licence for application server mode TS servers or they will cease to function.

If you want to run apps on the client which are installed on the server you need a application server.

Terminal Services does not serve apps to clients, clients connect to it and use the apps in a "virtual" serssion as if they were physically at that location.

Am i following you right here? Are you following me?

I want to say it again!!! SO im going to:

1) TS does not serve apps to client machines! Use the RDP software and access the apps in the remote session!

2) Contact the clearing house and sort the licences out or it will cease to function, either that or switch to RA mode as stated above.

3) Application server NOT TS App server!

:eek: I can see the mixup is possible mate, unless im way off base in what your saying in which case spell it out for me in goal terms.

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