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Need help installing new RAM


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I have a Dell Dimension that has a Pentium 4 2.4 GHZ processor. I tried adding new RAM. The ram i took from my old computer doesnt seem to fit. They look almost the same. I believe they are both DIMMs. Any suggestions? The old computer is from 2000. :)


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Sounds like your old computer at that age is a PC133 kind of ram. Whereas your new computer at 2.4ghz should need PC2100 or PC2700. Which of course is DDR266 and DDR333 respectively. They look similar I suppose but are complete different. The little dip in the slot part of the chip is also in 2 different locations.
yeah like Sheps said the RAM in yer old pc uses plder ram so it wont work on the new system.

IMO take your comp to ur nearst comp store and ask them to get you RAM *Exactly* like the one in ur new system. im thinkin since its a 2.4 it uses ddr333.

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