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Need Help! How do I boot NT 4.0 Server?


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OK. I havent been on here for a long time, and need to catch up. I now have a Compaq ProLiant 3200 and it is currently running on Win2k. I found that I have Windows NT, and need to know how to boot from it. I went into computer properties and checked to see if it gives me the option, but it doesnt. And i can boot off the hard drive with the OS on it,but only 2k. It is a virtual drive ON the physical drive, so i cant get into the OS. Also, the BIOS is unaccessable. How the heck can i do this???:disappointed: Can i somehow make a BOOT disk/CD to boot from it?? I am running Win2k on the server right now. Can i somewhere get a BOOT cd progam? I've gone on the internet and looked for any possibility, but turned up hopeless. I can give you access to the server, and it should be pretty fast. It has 2 Pentium 3 Processors, and about 8gb of RAM. PLEASE HELP!!!
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How did you determine that it has NT4 on it?

If you are referring to the Compaq diag partition, it's not really for booting.

if it is loaded on a different partition, change the boot.ini

It is a virtual drive ON the physical drive
explain please.


Complete Genius. . .
To determine it has NT4 on it, i went into the drive letter with the supposed OS on it, and looked for a program. When i opened one , it was some program that said "Welcome to Windows NT 4.0." The it displayed several messages that said it was missing files. And what do you mean change the boot.ini? is it possible to format the drive with 2K and see if it will try to run off NT? I have the system 32 folders instead of the i386 files, so i cant build a boot CD as far as i know.As for the virtual drive on the physical drive, whenever i put the 1 hard drive in, it said i put in 2.
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