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NEED HELP Badly! Windows wont start



Hi guys I am having a big problem and need some help!!

here is what happens:

I turn on the power to the PC and it goes into the BIOS and all is well. Once its done it starts loading to the boot screen. Once into the boot screen it runs for a bit then just locks up and hangs, I have gone into safe mode and checked for anything in the boot sequence that might be causing it but cant figure it out. I even ran my antivirus and nothing has come up.

any input is appreciated

matt :confused:
Set your bios back to default, safe, whatever your particular one calls it. See if it makes it then. If not try a windows repair. Boot fromt he CD. How to do the repair is not obvious. Search the posts in here for "windows repair". There are many threads with the correct steps. It is not the steps you would follow just looking at the menus. You have to decline the first offer to repair.

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