Need help ASAP!! Drivers and programs..


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Sorry to put this here but I needed answers as fast as I can get them. I just installed WinXP on my cousin's computer and I have two glitches... maybe someone can shed a little light here as fast as possible considering we are just about to give up and try to uninstall it and hope that Windows 98se is still in there for us to use.

1. Norton Antivirus 2002. I installed this and it will NOT enable. There is an icon in the tray but its got the X through it and you cannot right click it to enable or open the program. I DID manage to get the Liveupdate working and thought that would correct the problem but no luck. :(

2. Nvidia GeForce3! This will not work properly. Went to and downloaded the drivers but that was also no help. Tried the drivers in XP and they do not work either. Any ideas here? It's saying "This Device cannot start. Code 10" We have also tried to get drivers from in hopes that theirs would be better. NO luck there either...

He just got the card and uses it to play movies and RTCW as well. HELPP!!!!:confused: :mad:


Try removing Norton AV and install McAfee and see if that works for you. As for the video card, did it work under Win98? Have you tried multiple Detonator versions? The newest leaked driver is 27.xx on the front page here. If that doesn't work, I'm not sure what to say. But So you know, Win98 won't be there anymore, and you can't uninstall XP like that, AFAIK. Besides, you'd be better off formatting and reinstalling 98 anyway. Hope it helps...


What version of Norton's are you running there is a 2002 version that doesn't run on Xp.

The proper version for XP is the Nortons 2002 Version 8.00.58 or above will work just fine.

As for your video card I know alot of people who have been having the same problem with the Gforce cards.

And wish you luck on resolving that one... :)


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Norton part of your delima

I had the same problem when I intalled a new dell for my mother-in-law. The NAV did the same thing and could not be fixed. I re-loaded it three times and attempted to run it from CD. Eventually I intalled Norton System Works on her system. I had been running this on my XP PRO systems and it has worked flawlessly. Her system is running XP Home and has worked very well since. Sorry if that dosen't completely help you. I also UN-installed XP from a computer previously running win98. The uninstall worked and the OS was returned, however it wasn't nearly the way I had left it before the XP install. It still took me about 1 HR+ to return it to the way it was......Can't help you with the other problem...Good Luck..The NSW is 2002, don't have the ver #, Im not at my computer...try to get it to you..


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Well last night I had to leave it as it was. I'm going to have to go back there Friday after work and redo it. The Norton Antivirus is the 2002 and when I FIRST installed it, it was working just fine. I did the update for the virus definitions and it downloaded that and also some redirector, then it refused to work! So that's when I uninstalled it and kept trying to get it to work. I even did a system restore to before I threw it in thinking that it might wipe it out. NO luck.

The video card still isn't working properly. I was there for hours trying to get it to work. Someone said that there is a BIOS setting that needs to be changed but I don't know it. Can anyone tell me what it is and where I could find it? If not I'm going to have to format the drive and start all over again, which is probably what is going to happen because I can't get the Norton to install and work either. :(

Geez I hate computers sometimes!!

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HAve you tweaked your services?
There are a few services that NAV needs enabled or it will have script errors etc.


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I checked NAV, and again, Vampire00 is correct. My ver is 8.00.58b, which is above the ver# he was speaking of. My previous ver (unk#) didn't work regardless of the tweaking, changing and re-installing i did.


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I'm going back over there on Friday. He used this website, got the instructions to repair the bios for his video card and that's working now. I just need to get Norton working. The Norton version is 8.00.41C.

It's the same one that I am using in my computer and should work just fine. :( :confused:

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