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Need help, applications freeze......



Have a Athelon 900 with 384 megs of ram. XP Pro, SP2, Norton Utilities 2002, use diskeeper to keep hdd healthy. Occasionaly, my apps freeze, like in winrar, or other apps, when left unattended for a bit. I did a disk check, and tweak XP. Anyone ever see this or have any suggestions? The PC just freezes, no mouse movement, and no ctrl+alt+del, will respond. I am running a compag model 7994 Pyserio( excuss the spelling) 40 gig hdd 29 gigs free, defragged, do not know why this is happening. Would appreciatate any help or input. Thanks
Try these

If its happening when you leave your pc for a while it may the advanced power options try setting the to always on as it may have a problem going into or out of standby mode or trying to turn off your hard drive so set them to always on...also disable your screen saver it may be that triggering it off also check your cpu temp try 1 stick of ram at a time other things are power supply spiking or underpowered also try leaving it overnight in safe mode to rule out any of your start up programs causing your pc to random lock up also...Remove and reseat all boards, including RAM. Chech the motherboard mounting - they could have missed a spacer and the board is grounding out against the case.


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if it totally freezes, for longer than 10 minutes, it's your CPU and MOBO temp.

Try leaving your computer off for a whole day, turn in on, and time it until your computer freezes, then imediatly restart your computer by unpluging the cord, and pluging it back in, and time how long it takes before it freezes again.

If it only takes a minute or two before it freezes the second time, you need more cooling.

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