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Need For Speed: Motor City


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It looks really good. I hope they sort out the frame rate problems they've had in previos need for speed games.
Thanks, i'll have to try that one. Here is one called a racing simulator and you can play online and it's free! Cars handle very close to the real thing. Here is my post from another board: (original post by Big Booger of techzonez)

Here is the best game EVER!! I am soooo addicted! you must get this and play online

Live For SPEED

This game is absolutely one killer Driving Sim. Totally in control. c o c kpit (it was edited with ***) view is out of this world. The view is realistic and totally tweakable. Cars have license plates, smoke, simulated driving conditions, bounce and shock absorbing effects.. simply amazing..

Imagine Toca Race Driver Meets Gran Turismo 3... that good!

Custom paint, several views including an ingame movie camera.. Tire smoke, dust, dirt and grass are all visible. Clouds and sun flares.. You can add passengers, up to 4 male and female.


direct download - http://www.liveforspeed.net/file_by.php?name=LFS_DT_0_2A.zip
Forum - http://forum.racesimcentral.com/index.php?s=
screenshots - http://lfs.racesimcentral.com/sublinks.php?page=screenshots



Actually this game was canned, I Think it is either done, or the last I heard, it will be ending very quickly. There were a ton of people complaining about it and over all didn't get great reviews. Sorry :(
Originally posted by dubstar
this game looks sweeT!!! just a little reviewhttp://nfs.hwextreme.com/review8/

what do you guys think?


read near the top of the review...

Motor City Online Preview
Review By : McMaster1029
Review Date : 3rd September 2000

i think that might be an old review... I noticed it must've been when I saw recommended pc specs lol - a p2 300mhz w/ 64mb ram? nfs5 only just ran on that lol
still looks cool to me. with the muscle cars, street racing... and you can modify your motor, gears, tire size, drive shaft... all that.

im sure some of you play Solitaire.. and that game is older than dirt, and the original Doom, or Doom II... old games too, still fun.

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