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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Think, May 16, 2002.

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    I found a link concerning the moving of the page file to a seperate partition other than that of the operating system:;EN-US;q314482

    I'm just wondering how this should be applied in my system.

    Having partitioned my 120 hard drives as follows:

    c: 6G for the operating system, XP office
    d: 20 G for games,photoshop and other applications
    G: 88G for movies, pictures, music

    According to the article, I should create a partition on D then? and set it to the recommended settings that XP shows you in the page filing area?

    I'm a little confused about this article. At this point I have NO page filing but I don't think it's a healthy measure to maintain.
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    Hell man.. turn on your pagefile now!!..yikes!! :eek: you should always have a pagefile!

    Its NOT recommended to have your swapfile on a seperate partition of the SAME drive. If you have 2 seperate drives, put it on the fastest in your case, leave the pagefile on your C: drive.

    If you had another seperate drive you could use that, but as you dont, it will be fastest on your c:

    BIG drives are good in theory but in practice bad, because of this sort of thing.

    I have 2 40gb drives.. both identical models, both masters, my pagefile is on one (its own partition, no other data - as M$ recommends) xp and stuff is on the other seperate drive.

    As for size go with 768min-1536max for starters.. that should be plenty.
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    Take a look at this thread.
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    Another Question

    So the swap file should not be on the other partition of the same physical drive as the os?

    eg: c: winxp only (5gb)
    d: music, movies...
    e: apps (35gb, other half of the c: partition)

    what you are saying is that it should be on d, at the veryleast. but in the best case, on it's own partition correct?
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    2,006 sum it up here how it goes

    your swap file on a ONE PHYSICAL drive system should ALWAYS be on the partition that the OS is on...never another partition.

    BUT, if you have a TWO PHYSICAL drive system, you should move your swap file to the other driver, and what partition it is on doesn't matter, just set the min/max values to the same and that will help avoid fragmentation just as well :)

    hope that helps.
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    Hi Qumahlin

    I just created a new (pagefile) partition on my second drive. (after reading your reply).
    But what about the advice from Microsoft to leave at least 2MB on the C drive for the small memory dump? Can i just turn the memory dump off?
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    Okay, that makes sence, thanks a lot Qumahlin. preciate it.
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    I personally turn memory dump off you cna do this under the startup + recovery section under advanced in your system control panel...when your computer crashes when was the last time you looked through your memory dump heheh
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    I have mine set up like so:

    C:\ - Windows XP and Program Files (13GB of 15GB Drive)
    D:\ - Games, Movies, Music, Downloads (60GB Drive)
    E:\ - SWAP and Temporary Internet Files (remaining 2GB of C:\)

    For some reason I don't feel comfortable having it any other way, and I actually noticed a difference in performance when the swap was on the same partition as the system (i.e. C:\). I guess my advice would be to try different configurations and see what happens. But definately have a SWAP (pagefile) somewhere ;)