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Need App to measure maximum connection bandwidth


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Hi all i need a program that will measure the maximum bandwidth of your connection (not the amount you are using) cuz my BB seems slow and i want to know exactly how fast it is and work out the best times to go on when the network is faster and do some downloading




whilst you can measure your bandwidth this may not be that helpfull.

However, if you can provide the following it will be usefull in giving a more complete answer:

1. - Are you on ADSL or cable?
2. - What sites are you trying to download from?
3. - Who is your ISP?

These are very important, what you have to remember is that your bandwidth may be 512K/256k but olne of the many nodes that you go through may only be transmitting at 1k. Not sure what I mean? Try loading a command window and then type tracert www.siteyouaredownloadingfrom.whatever.

Look at what it says, if there is a line that timesout (it's best of 3 here, you'll see what I mean when it is on screen) then there is a slow node when you are connecting to that site. Best bet for downloading...get a download manager and just leave the system connected running several downloads at once! ;)


ok first off your maximum bandwidth can only equal your isp's caps(unless you find a way to uncap your modem). I'm not sure of anyone else's computer but when i access the task manager there is a networking tab there and it shows a network utilization percentage.

if you have this on your computer i suggest finding a file that will max out your percentage and figure the actual number from there.

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i want to know the maximum bandwidth that i can get through my dsl line as sometimes the BT network is more busier and so it limits your connection to 366kbps thats what i want to know i measured it today on cnet as they have a bandwidth test but i dont want to keep going to the site to check my bandwidth and maybe compare times to find which is the fastest time to download cheerz any help pleez:)


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another option:
I like to visit dslreports.com to check what my bandwidth is at different times. They have a 'Tools' link that has a 'Speed Test', which is a java-based online program. It measures your bandwidth up and down, and prints out a graphical report. Also, you might want to look at tweaking your connection with some registry entries. There are plenty of places to find info on this, but I can provide it for you if you need it.


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something else you might want to look into is a little app called DUmeter. its a little utility that measures your bandwidth realtime. it can sit in your system tray or a little applet anywhere on your desktop. i have been using it for like 2 or 3 years now. its a great little toy.

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