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Contemplating whether how bad do I wanna send back my Geforce 6600gt OC 128mb card back to BFG to have it repaired after it stopped working not too long ago. Cost for shipping into the states from Canada (and possibly they may charge me for shipping back?) plus the wait time is making it an iffy choice. Or should I just elect tog et a new card, I was eyeing the BFG Geforce 7600gs (PCI-E) but I also saw a deal for an ATI Radeon x800XL 256mb pci-express. The Radeon is actually about 10-20 bucks cheaper cause there's a deal out for it.

Any opinions?


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Deal or not, you having an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ would make me choose the Geforce series. Nvidia video cards tend to run better on amd systems as opposed to the ATI's. I guess you have to look at whether it's worth the 10-20 dollar difference in price verses the performance difference. As for your 6600gt, how long do you really plan on keeping it if it gets fixed? If you plan on upgrading in the next year or so but could afford to do it now I wouldn't bother with it. Toss it on ebay as is... ;)


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if the repair is free i would get it fixed then sell it on ebay and with the proceeds get a better card.


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The card is covered under BFG's lifetime warranty although I have no guarantee it'll come back replaced of properly repaired (I have to hope for the best I guess). I'm just concerend over having to pay for shipping to them and the possiblity of having to pay for it back. Plus they said I can't send it back in its original packaging (however does anyone know if that means I can't send it back in a new box with the original box inside? hehe).

I'm assuming that after haivng to pay for shipping charges to and from, it'll come out to be over 50 bucks Canadian.


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well did they say you have to pay for the shipping back, i doubt this is the case, as most manufacturers don't operate under that assumption.

isn't $50 CAD like 50 cents or something :)


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I forgot to ask if shipping back would cost me anything. $50 canadian is like...35 bucks or a bit more american :lick:.

I'm actually gonna make a more realistic assumption and say it won't be $50 but a bit more...but it's a shot in the dark until I get to a fedex location.

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The exchange rate is nothing like what your making it out to be and shipping a small video card costs nothing. And the post office can handle it no problems no need for UPS or FEDEX


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Yeah, I have to agree with Lancer. Instead of just guessing around as to what could happen, why not call them and find out for sure. Heck of a lot easier to figure out what you wanna do if you have atleast one definate.


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6600 GT is going for $65 USD on eaby last time I looked. I hate saying this but with the cost of shipping, even one way, the auction costs and the risk it won't be fixed properly you might only break even re-selling it.

On the other hand the damn thing broke so I would send it in knowing it will cost them more than they made selling two cards to fix it. Teach them not to factory OC video cards. Be aware that if your card is not economical to repair they will send you one off their return/exchange stack that could be ok or might have been abused.

The reason not ot send it back in the original box is that it is not strong enough to survive shipping. You can put the original packing in a stout box and ship it but you will not get the original box back which is a negative when trying to resell the repaired card. Put it in the antistatic bag and wrap it with bubble wrap. Then into the smallest shipping box you can find that it will fit in. You pay to ship the shipping materials too so keep it small and light. The US post offices have small rigid boxes for sale check your Canadian post office. Figure it will take 6-10 weeks to get it back. (4 weeks in transit and 2-6 weeks for repair.)

The 7600 GS or X800Xl are ok cards. The X800XL is faster for DirectX games, if you play open GL games then the 7600 GS is probably faster. I have a X800XL and at about the same price I guess I'd take it over the 7600 GS.

Read my SIG! ATI will not exchange a card you do not like or are disappointed with so be positive before buying from them. Sapphire or Powercolor may go exchanges. Check!

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