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Need a new Video Card

I'm planning on buying a new videocard, since my Riva TNT2 can't cope up with all the new games, like SoF 2, Max Payne etc. I think my system isn't that fast for a Geforce 4, so I want to buy one of it's ancestors, the 2 or 3 (NO MX!). Can someone advice me on what to buy? My system specs are stated in my sig. Is my computer fast enough for a Geforce 3, or should I step back and buy a Geforce 2 instead?
Advice me, please!


I am in a similar situation. I have a Riva TNT. I have been asking the similar question. There are many cards out there. I have been getting quite a bit of good feedback towards the GF4 ti4200 as it provides great performance at a cost similar to GF4 MX cards.

At the same time I have been told to wait and see what the new entries into the market produce, those being the Xabre cards from SiS and the new Parhelia cards from Matrox.

If money is an issue I would wait and see what these new performers into the graphics market has to offer and then make a decision between the 3 cards I have mentioned above.


Was LadySunshine
Well I have the GeForce 2 MX/MX400 and its got the most amazing picture... 64megs of RAM (DDR) and I watch movies on the computer, DVD's, DIVX, MPG's and ASF's and they play amazing... the dvd's play crystal clear. I have never been happier with a video card ever.... seriously. I dont know what you have against "MX" but its definitely a card looking into...
thanks for the replies guys/girls. I've been to several different websites and nVidia.com and for my budget (not more than 250 euro's) is the GeForce 3 the best card. I'll get a geForce 4 when I buy a new PC next year.

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