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Nec Dvd+/-rw 1300 !!!

Is there someone to have the same DVD recorder and can tell me about it.

When i turn my PC on, the BIOS tell`s me that the NEC DVD is ATA33, is that corect, if not what to do ?(connected on IDE1 as slave)

Do you have any trobles with recording and how long does it take to rec 4.7Gb ?

In comperison with others recorders , in wich class does it belong?

Which software to use to backup my DVDs ?

My first DVD player was on ATA 66(pioneer 106), thats why im asking. and the seller also said it should be at ATA 66. I am not shure what should be !!!
Yes i have 80 and i know whats the difference between them.

It doesnt matter, NEC DVD work 100%, if it stays at that i`ll be happy

THX anyway :)

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