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Neb. Teen Wins National Web Design Contest


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ATKINSON, Neb. (AP) -- America's youngest Web wizard is a 14-year-old in northern Nebraska. That would be Danika Young of Atkinson Junior High School, who won the title as part of a nationwide contest.

Her winning entry: a Web site that serves as a study guide for "Maniac Magee," an award-winning children's book.

"Some teachers assume that I am a teacher and ask where I work," she said. "They're shocked when I tell them I am only in eighth grade."

She won the junior high division of the contest, which was sponsored by Hostway Corp., a worldwide hosting company for Web sites.

Her prizes included a laptop computer and a free year of hosting on the Web.

Danika started designing Web pages in the fifth grade and has built seven Web sites. One is the business page for the city of Atkinson, which is in Holt County.
The Award-Winning Website

Huh, I was kind of expecting a bit more. :suprised:


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Books are Fun!
I bet she got paid to say that...

I think for a young kid its a great site. I remember when I was back in her grade; all I could do was turn the computer on :s
congratulations you can use Frontpage

I mean its nice that they are trying, but honestly thats appalling. No doctype, 41 HTML 4 errors. Evil animated gifs. Someone do that girl a favour and convince her to proceed down a different path....

I am now of course wondering what the other submissions looked like if this is the one that won..

I dont mean to be cruel or anything, and given age and experience its probably a respectable effort, but the internet community as a whole needs to aspire to a higher degree of quality


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Ohzopants said:
wow, was entry to the contest limited to eigth graders?
According to the quote by muzikool she only won in the Jr. High division. Here Jr. High is grade 7,8,9 (maybe it's different there) either way that probably narrows the options a bit.


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i guess if ur in grade 8 thats impressive.
my first ever webpage was back in 97...

time to embarass myself.
the web host i was on had just converted to graphic based browsing... the site was for some hockey pool i had....

nowadays..php woulda made that look sooo much better. lol. instead of taking excel screenshots...


enjoy that piece of trash.


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I think 'most' Web Design Awards should be changed to Web Content Awards as this is what they mostly award sites on. That and ease of navigation.

If you go past the look of the site, it is pretty easy to find what your looking for and I'm sure it is informative regarding it's subject matter.

It's still a decent effort for someone at 14. I've seen much older students who are in web/IT courses do worse.




I'm sorry Hal...
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I was honestly expecting some kick-ass site, but I was presented with and average site instead.
Admittedly I didn't read the content but the over all look does not impress. Although saying that I have seen a number of other pages about learning for kids, school pages and others and it does beat most of them.


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I can honestly say that I've never used Frontpage. My first site, back in 1998, used Netscape 4.7's web software. Then shifted to Adobe GoLive for a few months, until a school project required DHTML work, where I then shifted to Macromedia Dreamweaver, which I thought made DHTML and Javascript a hell of a lot easier. I've been using it ever since.


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