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NASA to announce the 10th planet.


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For those who have heard the recent news about the 10th planet in our system, I'm wondering if you remember of two previous news articles about new planetary discoveries since 1994?

I remember reading in a UK national newspaper back in 1994 that a 10th planet had been discovered, but was not officially recorded in any science or astronomy books.

Again, sometime between 1998-2000, it was reported that there was an icy planet just beyond Pluto had been discovered. And again, this was not officially recorded in any books.

I'm now wondering whether NASA will discover a 10th planet every 5 years. :p
(That's if this new discovery isn't officially recorded in books) :D
They already know that that is no planet, but a planetoide, the remains of a planet. It is from an asteroidbelt called Kuiper's Belt, where also most comets come from. In fact, they also know that Pluto is a planetoide, but the reason why we still call it a planet, remains a mystery to me :confused:


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Vetrius said:
heh, havent they named it planet "X" or somthin? i remember hearing about ir in like grade 6, lol (5 years ago)
As I said, I think they'll continue to report that they've just discovered the 10th planet in our solar system every five or so years. haha :p


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Aussie983 said:
hahahaa...i was watching CNN and the anchor guy said "NASA Scientists Discover Giant Yellow Arrow in Space!"

LOL... Are they sure they didn't spot a giant inflatable banana. :D


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Yeah...years ago it seemed like they called it X-10.

From what my astronomy instructer says about Pluto, Nasa and the JPL in Pasedena wont declassify pluto until they get a huge grant to send a probe to Pluto.

He says, after that happens....they'll be forced to declassify it because of proof.

Then they can rewrite all the text books in the world.

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