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NanoBrowse: My Little Web Browser Project

NanoBrowse is a small compact web browser using the Internet Explorer core, it's very simplistic, has some bugs, but it's pretty good...for a start...

Screenshot of Version 0.2

Really, it has some bugs, but it's at least usable...:)

Instead of the traditional "Hello World", I travelled a different route and went with a Web Browser, that uses Tango icons by default, and uses...well only 20mb of memory, how much memory does IE use typically?

Well anyway, it's a pretty basic browser, I will use this thread for feedback, and future versions:

Current Version: 0.2
Release Notes:
-Easier navigation, now all you have to do is just HOVER over the address bar to go to a new page
-Removed the unneeded junk from the ZIP file...
-Now with an icon when launched!
-Now expands to fit the screen when resized, but I can't get the toolbar to lock at the top with the web browser control directly below it...I'll figure it out someday, maybe 0.3?
-New Toolbar Setup

Well, enjoy!



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I dunno, after using IE 7, I am loathe to use other apps, especially non-tabbed versions.

I do wish there were some other enhancements, improvements in IE 7 but for the most part, its good and I hope my feedback gets looked at :cool:
ya... i like explorer too... for pc, however if you develop a mac version I would probably use it, as safari is not compatible with hardly any dhtml :(
there are a million things already for windows... mac's don't have anything :(

but seriously lordofla, i don't think safari is more compatible than firefox.. ive used both and firefox loads anything pretty much that netscape and opera can, safari is way behind :(
Based on my brief stint with Mac OS X sometime ago, I found that KHTML is more standards-compliant (as in stricter) than Gecko, but Gecko is definitely more compatible, in the sense that it generally supports a larger number of sites. And that makes sense. KHTML is only available on OS X (Safari) and Linux (Konquerer), both of which put together occupy a very small share of the total installed base. Web developers are much more likely to test their code on Trident (IE) and Gecko (Mozilla/Fx) first...and perhaps Presto (Opera) to a certain extent as well. A number of Google services were incompatible or had issues with Safari when they were first launched, most of which were eventually ironed out and fixed, and you see that same trend elsewhere too.

Like Lord, I think it would be nice to see a KHTML-based browser on Windows as well. I can't say I'd use it without weighing the other pros and cons first, but at least it would give web developers on Windows a way to test their work on KHTML, in addition to Trident, Gecko and Presto. In an ideal world, we wouldn't have to deal with so many different engines, but such is life. :)

Anyway, that was just on a tangent.

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