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Name that font!


Not all there...
As part of my job, I have to recreate logos that have been sent to me in raster formats (JPEGs & TIFFs) to vector format in Adobe Illustrator. In the last week, I've had 3 logos sent to me using this one font that I can't identify (see the Unisia logo below) and it's driving me crazier...

Anybody have any clues? (HINT: it's NOT Handel Gothic, which is close, but not close enough...)



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maybe you wont find it at all. there is a posibility that the previous authors of the logos started from one (the same) font and then added their creativity.
that will differ from author and inspiration/creativity so you will have easier
(in this case) or harder task of recreating them.
if then you need to work as that is what you are paid for.
hint. type the word, convert to curves and work from there
you can put the bmp in background to help you out.


Not all there...
wingman411 said:
Try a font named Niamey. The U is alittle different, but the rest is right on.
Here is one with the i's retouched in word to red color.
By, jove, I think you've got it!:)
Thanks ever so! (I tried to give you a star for your help, but apparently I've given you one before, and got a nasty message about "spreading my credits around more" before I give you another.)

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