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I recently built a PC consisting of Aopen MK33 motherboard, Duron 1000, Quantum fireball HD, Aopen Geforce 2MX, 256 ram, generic cd?, 300 watt generic PS, Pine modem.
It was troublesome installing XP Pro, had to use different video card, and after it was up and running it randomly locks up.
Sometimes on desktop, sometimes in IE, sometimes in stand by.
Every time a restart will put it back on its feet, but this is unacceptable. Any ideas for me? Thanks
The first thing I notice is a "generic" power supply (but it may have nothing to do with it), AMD warns about only using approved power supplies so if it is that, you're up a creek until you get a stable PS.

What messages are you getting when it crashes? I see the body, but i have no clues.
Lonman i htink he meant generic cdrom drive as opposed to PSU

anyway...back on the topic
i had a client who brought his AMD Duon 1000 over. Gigabyte mobo VIA chipset.
Guess what was wrong?
yup, random freezes
just freezes. cant do anything at all but reset.

He had a radeon 64mb videocard that looked dodgy to me as there wasnt even the ATI print. So i put in a 32mb rage in. Didnt lock up at all.

Then, he put in AOL
started again.
got rid of that and put in a normal DUN account ... and its fine

Could be iether of those or none in your case but its just from experinance
at the moment he called me saying its freezing again when hes online. could be his winmodem drivers who knws will check it out soon

fiddled with this computer again today, updated BIOS, tried a new memory stick.
checked the error log, found this: AMLI:ACPI BIOS is attempting to read fom an illegl IO port address (0x71) which lies in the 0x70 - 0x71 protected address range, bla bla blah, could lead to system instability.
Kinda stuck here, put this comp on win 98? , fixes welcome
Go to the motherboard manufaturers site to see if theres any problems theyve identified with that MB and XP. If there is, they may have a fix for it. It seems apparent that the BIOS is having difficulties here. Either that, or your memory may be having the problem. Is it generic RAM, or the good stuff?

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