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MyIE2 strangeness

I have noticed lately in MyIE2 that for no apparent reason that my start page will change on its own and that strange bookmarks will appear in my Favorites list. Is there a setting that I need to check for this or what?
I haven't had this problem with MyIE2, but I remember similar things from IE. Make sure you are running the popup filter stuff. I also use the admuncher plugin as well. I know a lot of iffy sites that will add themselves to your bookmarks and change your homepage.


Are we there yet?
Virus? Went to site that ask if you wanted to make it your home page and you clicked yes? Beta version of MyIE2?

I would suggest to run a virus scan and ad-aware or spybot.
Also update MyIE2 to the latest release (July 27, 2003)

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