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My Windows XP Hanged ..


--== babyface ==--
Don't know why but this is a new fresh installation. Made extra sure that all the security patches are in, check the system services and ensure that only those that are needed are running, drivers are updated to the latest version, running on internet surfing and winamp on the background .. suddenly the unthinkable happened!!!

:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

The bloody thing HANG!! Any advise where to start looking to solve the problem, definately don't want this to happen when I am in the middle of doing my assignments or work ??

:confused: :confused:


--== babyface ==--
Oh yeah .. just another note, I restarted the PC right away after the whole thing FROZE and went into Bios to check my CPU temperature and its around 45'c .. should be normal though .. so shouldn't be the CPU problem right? I made sure I changed a new HSF just last week too .. ??


i've been running xp pro for over a year and it's froze on me no less than 30 times, but still more stable than any other os. it's is most often the new programs i try now an then and most of the time i can get the task manger up and close the bad program, if not then the reset button works great (LOL)! xp pro is NO god sent os but it,s better than ALL the rest by far!!! so just make sure to save your work often. oh if you have the latest nvidia drivers ver. 44.03, they have locked my rig up 3 times. Brett

XP Pro sp1
Atlon XP 1800+ (o/c 1667mhz)
Temp 53c-60c
Antec True330 330W
Asus A7V266-e Bios 1011e final
Corsair 512 ddr pc2100
Vision Tek G3 Ti200 (o/c 210/515)
Drivers 44.10
Viewsonic A75f 17in. flat screen
SB Audigy Gamer
Klipsch THX 2.1 200 watts rms
Optimus PRO 135 Headphones
Western Ditigal 20 gig H/D
CD/RW 24x/10x/40x
DVD 16x
CD rom 52x
COM21 DOXport DP1110 Cable Modem
I went nuts with windows xp hanging on me two seperate times this year. The first was an old pci sound card dying a slow death. Then about 10 months latte rthe hangs started again. This time it was the video card dying out. But both cases were only when gaming.

Try taking out what hardware you can and see if it gets better.

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