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My windows xp freeze about two times a day - what to do?


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I already gave it to the computer store and they said that there is no problem with the hardware (maybe they are wrong).
I also make fresh installation of windows xp again and reinstalled my applications.​
What happen is that about two or three times a day my windows xp freeze, and then I need to make restart.​
I already got the latest windows xp updates and I've also tried to replace my antivirus and firewall.​
What can I do about it?​


There is no answer!
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it sounds like an overheating problem, make sure all the fans are working on the CPU, PSU (Power supply unit), northbridge (the little chip on the motherboard and the graphics card (GPU) if it has one. if they are it could be that the cpu heatsink is not working correctly, try taking the side off your computer case and leaving it off to get better head dissapation going. you could also get a house fan and blow it in there, if it doesn't freeze again you can assume its a heat issue.

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