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My smart phone is neither


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A little back story.

Work gave me a Treo 700 last year. It never worked quite right. The caller ID showed unknown for everything, even numbers in my phone book. I toughed it out until it stopped making any sounds and than I complained enough to get a Treo 850.

This phone is sleeker but garbage as well. The called ID still doesn't work. I think its Exchanges fault. I did a little research and I found some feature on Exchange the tries to override the caller id with some MS junk. I don't know if I can turn it off or if it has to be turned of on the companies side, actually I don't even know if that's the real issue. Either way its annoying as hell.

Also on this phone my settings appear to be completely ignored. I set the browser to MOBILE but it won't change anything. The page still renders as desktop and I can't get it to fit the screen. It also ignores my text message settings and groups everything by sender, despite requesting sorting by date received. And since all my messages come from the same sender than I have to sort through a single entry with tons of messages.

It's probably not the phones fault, its probably windows mobile 6.1, which like Vista, fixes things that aren't broken. If anyone has any advice I'd love to hear it. If its do a hard reset please tell me how to do it. I've read a number of things and each one is a little different for the 850.



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Sounds like a very odd issue BouncingSoul, I cant offer much help except to say that I don't think its WM 6.1 that is directly causing your problem here. I have WM 6.1 on a Samsung Blackjack 2 and I don't see any of these issues that you describe. Perhaps check the add / remove programs menu under settings to see if there is some third party app installed that could be interfering with the phones functionality.


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I can't figure this PoS out. I remembered when I first got it I connected it to my pc and setup my work email account and it said I had to agree to something being installed to continue. I just did it without thinking. Just now I had the thought that maybe it was that package that caused the problem so I did a hard reset and tried to both call my phone and browse the mobile web. Caller ID still won't work and the mobile web still thinks its a desktop. I'm so happy that this is works crappy phone and not my own. I will NEVER own a Palm device now.


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Found some more stuff to hate.

The phone doesn't show missed calls or if they left a voicemail. So now I have no idea if anyone called, who it was or if they left me a message. I found this out tonight when I put in a new greeting and found a stack of new voicemails. Some of which were very important.

I emailed our internal help desk begging for an answer but at this point I just don't care. Its a good thing I hate this job or I wouldn't know what to do next.


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I don't have that problem with my phone but I've had a multitude of other probs. You might want to have them check your battery. I had bought extra batteries off of ebay and had been using them getting all kinds of probs where the phone wouldn't ring, text messages delivered slow, etc. Anyway the guy put my battery on the charger and told me it was only holding charge at 40%. When they put the new battery in it corrected a lot of my probs. So you might want to check that.


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It's taken a long time but this appears to be mostly resolved. The caller ID issues was a Sprint problem. I guess some place deep down in my account settings they were suppressing caller ID. They found it and fixed it. The screen size issue was due to an internal coding issue on our company's site. They had a fix for it but didn't bother to tell me about it until yesterday, so that's working too. I have a few more very minor issues that are being worked on as well and they should be fixed soon too. Now that it working as it should, I really do like the phone!

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