My Sandisk is dead


sh! it stinks
12 Dec 2005
Yesterday I deleted old pictures from my 256MB Sandisk Compactflash card through my Canon Powershot A95. There is an option in it's menu to delete the pictures. Normally I just format the memorycard without any problems.

After deleting the pictures my memorycard went dead. I got an error message claiming that there was a memorycard error. I cannot format the card with my camera anymore because my camera won't even start up with this card in it.

So I took it out of my camera and put it in my pc, tried to format it through windows (vista and xp) and through a dos command (format e:). But no go. Then I did a chkdsk e:. It returned stating the card was in RAW format instead of FAT.

Well, now I have a dead cf card. I know Sandisk has a lifetime warranty but I just want to get the card working again!

Any tips? I do not need programs to recover lost pictures, just something to get the cf card working again..

its a 256mb card worth virtually nothing nowadays. buy a new one? ;) prices are very very cheap even for the 2gb+ cards
its a 256mb card worth virtually nothing nowadays. buy a new one? ;) prices are very very cheap even for the 2gb+ cards

Yes I know and I probably will get a new one (guarantee or buy). But I just want to know how to revive a card like this if this is possible.
as it says raw - meaning no filesystem is on it couldnt you just go to control panal -> admin tools -> computer management -> disk management - delete the partition on there - remake it - format ?
No, tried this too. The card doesn't show up in the controlpanel.

Today I went to the shop, the man in the shop shook the card and there was a sound in it like there was something loose inside. So I think the chip got loose (?), however that is possible. I did not drop the thing anyway.

Bought a new Sandisk cf card, 1GB for 25 euro's. With 10 years warranty.

Will try the producer anyway, there is a 5 year warranty on the product. Since I do not have the receipt anymore the store owner wouldn't help me...

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