my pc wont restart

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by idabi, Dec 4, 2002.

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    :confused: 4 the life of me i can't get this 2 work. i turn my computer on and 50% of the time it wont even show nething on the monitor so i have 2 restart it sometimes multiple time before showing ne thing.

    belive me the 1st thing i did was 2 make sure that it was the way thejumpers were set out but i plug everything just like the motherboard required. in agony i change motherboards and the same thing happens since then i'va change hard drive, graphic card, hard drive, power box and network cadr but im starting 2 think its because of the case. do u guys think im right? or what do ya'll suggest?:confused:

    also when i try restarting my pc from windows it closes normally but it doesnt restart it just goes back 2 that black screen
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    Sounds to me like the monitor is bad. From reading you post it is the only thing that you have not changed out. Give that a try.

    Also here is a good page to look at for some common problems on the subject.
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    When you boot and the screen stays black, do you hear the usual single beep? Does the hard drive light flash to show the system is loading?
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    check your power supply

    i've had problems with power supplies and the dam thing works on less powerfull motherboards

    your videocard might suck up the juice

    if you change the board and still had the problem you really cant point it to anything but the ps not giving proper voltage

    i would borrow a ps from somewhere and i bet it will be fine


    ive seen cd roms fail to be detected in bios on faulty ps and major graphic problems in another

    i would check it out

    goodluck and let us know how you do