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My own Internet connection small business


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

I am on Broadband right now. I was thinking, How about starting up my own dial-up internet connection for other people in my community to pay and use.

Other than a dedicated phone line, and a "Small Business" broadband connection package from my ISP, what server software and server specs/requirements/hardware would I need? I really think this would be cool to start up, if not too expensive.

Would I need a Server OS as well?

Thanks in advance.

You will need a "business" phone line and modem for each customer, a dedicated server and a lawyer.

Reselling someone elses broadband will require negotiating a contract with them, if they allow it at all.

Telecom is based on assets not being used full time. When you set up a resellign operation utilization goes up significantly and they charge more.


OSNN Senior Addict
I would say you would be best off dropping this plan...

as stated, you can't just resell your connection, 'small buisness' means the connection is designed for 10-30 people to share, not for you to sell.

not to mention that you don't really seem to have much of an idea where to start, seems an overwhelming task. You need to have a phone line and a modem for I would venture to say, probably 70% of your customers, assuming that 70% were online at any given time, but it could be more then that, I have no idea about those stats.

pile all this on top of the fact that nobody is subscribing for new dial-up, if people are chanig ISP's, they are most likely going to high speed, it would be hard to find a customer base...

thats just one mans opinion though


Overclocked Like A Mother
Well, Thanks for the input

LeeJend, I did phone my ISP, and they do sell bandwith by the "block", and a starter kit with a business phone line. Sounds interesting. I think I am going for it.

Thanks again



Confused and Bewildered
Good for you, Heeter, glad to see you've got the gnats to try it.

Give yourself a month to do research however, and the time will pay for itself in spades. The lawyer advice is a very good idea, too, because I can guarantee you at least one of your future customers will have one of his own and knows his phone numer by heart...or you'll get busted by the feds for the activities of one of your customers....

If you're dying to experiement, however, why not just offer free service to a couple friends and see how it goes?

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