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My next system

Electronic Punk

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I am bored at work, so I keep checking up on the componants I want for my next system, but don't seem to have them all in one place, so thought I would note em down here, this is ofcourse a dream machine, but you never know... it might happen. It is sadly slowed down by the fact that half the bits aren't out yet or don't quite really exist. Going for a dual theme of course:

• Case: Cooler Master Stacker 830 (not yet released)
• PSU: Not decided yet, something pretty.
• Processor: AMD Athlon x2 4800+ (not yet released)
• Cooling: 2x Coolermaster Aquagate with all the trimmings (CPU, GPU, HDD, Northbridge)
• Video Card: GeForce G70 Ultra (code name - not yet announced)
• Motherboard: TBA
• RAM: 2gig TBA
• Hard Disk: TBA, will be two pairs of RAID arrays, one for speed one for storage
• Optical Drive: Sony DRU 720A Dual Layer & another one for good measure.
• Soundcard: Creative Labs Soundblaster X-Fi (not yet released)
• Display: 2x Hitachi Imagequest 17” TFT & 42” Hitachi Plasma (already owned)
• Operating System: Windows XP Professonal x64

Stuff in bold I have already.

Perris Calderon

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64 4800 dually?

gonna be the fastest computer on the planet

should hold up for a coupla years that one

I think you might be able to run a second os real time as an app with that set up!

Electronic Punk

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Well there isn't really any other reason just yet :)
I dunno, they will prob announce another generation of products soon anyway, before they release this generation -- always do it -- just to annoy me :p

Perris Calderon

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64 is gonna be around a long time ep...that's a 5 year set up in my mind...you'll want more memory when longhorn comes out, but you'll be stylin

Electronic Punk

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Well normally I might buy a few componants a month, but I haven't seen any for a while, so am kinda saving up. That damn xbox 360 is gonna get in the way tho.


OSNN Advanced
Seems like you're going to upgrade in the near future. :)
What are you going to do with your current mobo + cpu??
I might be interested in buying it off you. ;)


F@H - Is it in you?
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I am jaded with all the upgrading. Gonna stick with what I have for probably the rest of the year and through half of next year.

Then I'll prob go dual dual-core with an AMR setup or SLi gen-2.

WRT mem, thats the most changeable thing you have IMO. If and when AMD goes ddr2/ddr3, sorta puts a dent in the config you put together unless thats what you have. I am waiting for them to decide on the mem controller config for their next products before jumping the gun.

WRT displays, consider 2 ultrasharps with next-gen 17" or 19" displays.

Son Goku

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As far as memory goes, I'd wait until a motherboard is selected... Almost every generation comp I have got in the last 7 years or so, I've ended up upgrading my memory for it. About the only time I didn't need to in recent years, when I went from my Pentium II 400 to the Athlon 700 I bought back in 2000 or so... They both used PC 100 SDR... In the end, I still ended up getting more (even there) as a 64 MB DIMM I had previously had went bad, and 128 MB on win2k is just pants...

It can almost be a given, upgrade comp and might need to toss what one has, get new...

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