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My Laptop



I have a problem with my laptop, as it can't play games that good. It is running at 1.29 Ghz, 256 MB of RAM ( I recently bought another 256MB of RAM, and should get it soon)...it is a laptop so the video card probably isnt that great...but game on my old Pentium II 350 Mhz 256MB Ram seem to run games at least as good.

Is there anything I can do to make games work better? Or is this RAM that I just bought going to be good enough? I am interested in getting Sim City 4.
dude, latops arent made for playing games, trust me I've done the research. Unless you spend $2000+ on a KILLER setup, stick to playing games on a desktop computer...they're cheaper to rig up


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Yeah. I think it mainly comes down to the gfx chip/card in laptops.
A friend of mine recently bought a nice one, P4 2.2GHz, 512mb DDR etcetc, but the graphics are shared and take away system memory.
It'll run UT2003 in 1024x768 with the right texture settings etc, but there's still occasionall slow down.


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yeah, shared memory is not good.

I had a HP ze4145, which had pretty good specs, but it had probs. running games such as AoE II Conq., and a few others. I wound up returning it for store credit.


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Try this:

Make sure your:

laptop batt. is always on.

details are turned on low, or atleast medium.

Turn off what you can in system tray.

If you have an extra CRT monitor laying around, you could use that for the display instead of the laptop LCD and reduce the game resolution to 800x600 or the like.

I say this because laptop LCD screens tend to look much better at their native resolutions, but the native resolution for laptops is usually at least 1024x768 or higher. Of course, at that high resolution, gameplay will suffer. CRTs are more "forgiving" in that respect.

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