My keyboard is acting up...


Can you handle this?
my keyboard is acting up... it either doesnt type letters sometimes or it acts as if im holding a letter down and it repeats that letter.

I noticed this after I installed AIM (AOL instant messenger).

It is a wireless keyboard... I changed the batteries, so it's not that.... I don't have it at a different distance away from the wireless receiver than I usually do, either.

Any suggestions? I don't think I have anything near the receiver that could be interfereing with it...


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Cell phones, electric motors (home appliances), other wireless devices, wirelss router, amatuer radio, portable phones, flourescent lights, light dimmers, the list is endless...

Try turning everything else you can find within 30 feet off. See if that helps. If it does turn them back on one at a time until it acts up again.

If you dropped the keyboard it could have damaged the tuners also. My wife routinely kills portable phones this way. They still work, sort of, but become very twitchy.


Can you handle this?
I've never dropped my keyboard and everything was cleared off my desk, but I didn't have anything electronic or of sorts that would mess with the signal. I do have a sub woofer for my speakers under my desk, but that's been there for a few months and I've never had a problem with it. All the lights were off... and the wireless router is always about 30 feet away.

My mouse is also wireless and is not acting up...

I don't know what to do... it seems to be sporadic in the way it flips out.


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What kind of keyboard?
It Bluetooth is horrible but you cant really do anything.
my keyboard does that and it usually means the keyboard is no longer connected or it is "frozen" and you will get a beep then it will work again.
I simple bang the buttons and shut it off and it comes out of it.
A long term fix? I dont think there is one.


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Check if the keyboard has an option to change it's operating frequency. I think the newer ones do this automatically if there is signal interference.

If it's not the signal is there any chance someone spilled (pop, coffee, etc) on the keyboard? If there is residue under the keys it can cause similar problems.

Then there's the old fall back. Uninstall and reinstall the drivers. (Make sure you have a regular kybd and mouse available when doing this in case something goes wrong.) AOL may have stomped on the drivers when installing.


Can you handle this?
It's a Logitech Cordless Desktop Pro... I don't think it's bluetooth.

I can change the frequency on the mouse, but not the keyboard... no chance anyone spilled anything on it... I'm the only one who uses it and I'm very careful.

I guess I will just try to reinstall the drivers...

I'm not having an issue with it right now, which is weird... I just moved the wireless receiver from the floor to the desk (I didn't change the distance away from my keyboard and mouse)...

I don't know lol...


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Most antennas are directional. Having it at the same level as the keyboard could make a big difference. Also the desk will weaken the signal.


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Yeah, it's just weird because I've never had a problem before... it was really when I installed AIM (I think)...

but anyway... It's FIXED!!



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i had a similar problem... not sure what i done, but i did press the connect button a few times after changing the batteries. works well now.


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FWIW I think you'll find it was the big magnets in your subwoofer uner the desk....

I am having a similar issue with one that has a 19" Flatron on the desk! So in that case I am going to try moving it under the desk! (Hopefully not too near the subwoofer!)


Can you handle this?
It always worked when I had it next to my subwoofer, though... I had it like that for months. All of a sudden it decided not to work, so I moved it to the top of my desk... works fine now!!!

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