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My IE is cracking up



I have a problem with IE 6. First when i installed XP professional it didn't had java sopourt and whenever i opened page wich contained java applets IE displayed msg that i need to download Java Viritual Machine, wich offcourse couldn't fe found on microsoft.com. I somehow found it on the net and fist IE worked normaly. But soon it stardet to bug me. Like... i'd open a link on a page, wich opened new IE window with another site and suddenly other windows wasn't responding etc. Fist off all i thaught it's because of some options in my Norton firewall, but when i checked everything for about 100 times i couldn't fined enything connected with my problem whatsoever. However IE worked for a couple of min after that. This thing is really pissing me off, and i'd like to fix this. Any1 has a clou what could be wrong?! I also tryed to reinstall IE... Didn't help...


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My best advice to you, since reinstalling IE did not work is one of the following:

1.) Try running "cmd" and type "sfc /scannow"

2.) Try the repair option found on the XP CD-ROM. Put the CD-ROM in and reboot your PC and boot from the CD-ROM. Then choose the repair option.

3.) Reformat and reinstall XP.

Good luck.


well... see how microsoft has put back java virtual machine... u can try and uninstall the one u have and go to microsoft update and install thier version of the java.. s ee if that fixs the problem u have. thats my guess... but yeah.. give it a shot... better to use what microsoft release.. they made the os... so u'd think they'd know better?



Hm, 1st of all i can't find viritual machine on the list of installed programs (i'm 100% i've install it)... 2nd of all i can't find VM either... It still says that VM is not avaiable!?

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