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MY Fishing Trip

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Great gonna have a day fishing. Head off at 6.15am for a two hour drive to 'the spot'. Port Welshpool west of Melbourne. Get there & it's blowing a gail but not cold. Catching a few fish, flathead, mullet, trevally, bay trout & a puffer. (poisonous)
Anyway get a double header. A tiny flathead on one hook & a bay trout on the other. Decide to do the trout first & put it away after bleeding it. Turned back ready to chuck the tiny flathead back & there's this bloody big bird standing there with the flathead in its mouth. Slowly walk towards it & up it goes. Up goes the flathead. Up goes the slack line. Then to my horror up goes the rod. This mungrel bird carries it about two metres then drops the fish. Down goes the fish. Down goes my rod. It hit the side of the jetty &....splash sinks out of sight as it heads toward the bottom. Like I said....BLOODY BIRD.
That was one expensive fishing trip. Around A$100. :( :mad:


A Proud Australian
Hey Hipster, that bird really got you hook, line, sinker and rod.

I lost my fishing rod up Nth Queensland when a big catfish took the bait, dragged the rod out of the holder on the bank and the lot sank out of sight.

As it was a fresh water creek, I dove in after it but never did find it. And it was an expensive Diawa rod & reel.
Awww, poor Hipster.:( Well, my husband has about 15 rods and reels out in the garage, and he's only one fisherman, so I'll pick ya out a few and send 'em your way!;)


Political User
I feel for you m8, a friend an I were fishing on a Loch in the Highlands (last year now) when the outboard flipped while were on a drift.

When the motor flipped it sheared his 'Hardy's' carbon fibre fly rod clean in two <ouch>



a friend of mine was fishing and he'd been trying forever for the last fish for his limit. he put his rod down cuz he had to pee and a fish grabbed the hook and took off with his rod and reel

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Well after reading that I feel much better. :)
Zooker please clean, get rid of any rust, lubrcate, spit & polish the reel. I'll be waiting at the door. Oh & put new line on it also. 6lb. :D Oh one more thing two piece rod please. It has to fit in the car boot.


A Proud Australian
No wonder you only catch small fish Hipster, 6lb line, c'mon mate, put some good rope in your reel, something like 15kb and pull in some BIG fish... :D


Political User
6lb! That's for girls!! try some 15lb flurocarbon like smokie sez - that's the biz!!

I gave up on lightweight line since trying FC, much better - invisible under water so you can use stronger line even with small flies.


Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Where's the fun in that you two. Have the drag set & if anything big comes along it turns into a battle of wits. No I don't mean twits. :p
I had a stingray one time take my ganged hook with a pilchard. Damn thing took off for about 5 - 10 seconds then buried itself in the bottom. Ended up breaking the line because it was time to go home. That was on 20lb line.

I'm happy anyway. Got the wifes permission for a new rod & reel. WOO HOO! :D


A Proud Australian
I must admit that sometimes a 15lb line isn't strong enough when fishing in Nth Qland.

I broke my line once trying to land a fishing trawler that took my line, couple of hrs later I landed a sea turtle that got hooked up in my line but I just cut it loose, (didn't know how to cook the shell anyway).

Then later in the day, caught a good size Gummy shark, got it to the wharf I was fishing from, some dork said he would land it for me, he tried to untankle my line from someone elses while he had the shark out of the water but no over the wharf itself, shark decided to have one last thrash about...bye bye shark as it broke my line, dropped back in the water and away it went.

To cap the day off, a kid in a small runabout boat went right over my line, dragged out about 50 feet or so of line before it broke. I had the satisfaction of seeing the line fowl his prop and him having to row back to land.

Ahhhh, the joyes of fishing.. :D


Political User
"Je dois partir maintenant parce que ma grandmere est flambe."

Something about "why is my grandmother now on fire"?

Wierd!! Can you use the crispy bits as bait???


Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
Mmmmmmmm fish :p
My dad goes fishing all the time , he always catches a big one but it always gets away :huh: Do we believe him ? Of course we do :D

Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
Mind you last year he caught a massive salmon or trout, can't remember which and he was on the cover of a fishing magazine.
Thats one he could prove :D


It reminds me of a little lad fishing on the docks here at home. The local vicar was passing, and said, "How are you doing my little piscatorial friend?"

The wee boy answered and said, "Fine thanks Sh*thead.

Absolutely true. Honest.

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
Political User
something disturbing:

I have now came to a final conclusion, I have to stop visiting p0rn sites, i have just read the title as "My Fisting Trip" and i was wondering about the content "deeply".

off to cry, Benny.

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