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My Counter Strike Server


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Die Another Day [ip]

Me of course the admin [Bman]

So please get people to come !!! Thanks

Is open Monday 22 June :cool:


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Originally posted by bman™
Hey, like this game? Then join my server!

I just got it up and i want more people. So tell your friends and everybody!!!!

Its Die Another Day Server [ip]

Me of course the admin [Bman]

So please get people to come !!! Thanks
coupla things...

you got FF or any funky dynamics enabled... wheres server located... whats the map cycle.. and whats the player limit :)
The server IP looks a bit too much like an internal LAN IP. I doubt it would work.
Are you sure it's accessible by people outside your LAN, bman?


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Yes it was, but i am having some troubles!

So untill i learn more and fix these things its a NO GO!

So Forget it all, untill i update it !!!



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Server is located Canada ,Ontario
Player Limit is 40
FF is disabled
The map cycle is default maps. Im getting all the new ones soon, so dont worry! Im going to have them all!
I Have No Funky things enabled!

And no its not a Internal LAN IP!!!

Oh yea, Its 1.5 because 1.6 isnt out yet! I'll be sure to have that when it comes out!!

I learned and I have it working and great. Its going to be next week when i have most of the maps.

Tell me if you think i should add or take something off!



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umm another thing, i was trying some stuff and i added gravity

admin_gravity <0> and how do i get it back to normal?


F@H - Is it in you?
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40 peeps max ?

thats a ton of people... have you had any lag issues with a lot of people logging into the server yet ? coz almost any server I go to that allows more than 20 people has issues with lag :(

even local servers within florida...


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I don't know how he can host 40 people,

On 512k you are meant to be able to host a max of 5 people inc yourself and it will still be a little laggy, that is with a dedicated machine and you connecting into it.

I'm all over it bman, it's good to see a familiar face in cs. I just started playing it again a couple of weeks ago. I'll be online later today =]


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That is the ip CS automatically assigns a networked computer (internal ip) although the machine may be etc etc it will still be a diff ip for CS.

Same as if you have a Wireless card and a NIC they cannot both be assigned the same ip's without running into problems.


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